Are Socks the New Sexy?

Are Socks the New Sexy?

I love the feeling of good quality socks on my feet.  I could wear a pretty average outfit but with a pair of really nice socks, it just feels like I have gone that extra mile without really having to try.  

Just like underwear, a hint of a lace on a bra showing tastefully through an open shirt or toe-cleavage in a pair of stilettos, the sexiness of showing off your ankles could totally be a thing.  

Heck, in the Victorian era, ankles were considered a 'sexualised' part of the body, so I’m guessing that it is time for a revival.  Think about it, you’re wearing trousers, then sitting down so it hikes up a bit to expose a little ankle-age.. oh yeah, hotness alert. 
In Denmark at least, culturally, it is expected you take off your shoes when you enter one's home.  This also makes sense because the weather is generally colder and the conditions outside are either wet, muddy or snowy.  A quick wipe of the soles at the door usually not enough to remove the debris and every home I have visited leaves no trace of dirt from the outside.  The last thing you want is to walk in leaving a grubby trail behind you.  Not to mention all the unseen germs (!).   So the importance of a decent pair of quality socks is even more crucial in social situations.  There can be something rather off putting about seeing holes in socks or worse still, if they are dirty or smelly.

Socks represent comfort, cosiness, warmth and protection.  By design, they are literally meant to do just that; creating a buffer between you and a floor or your shoes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style.  

We spend hours and tons of money on a wardrobe for the rest of our body, and somehow we neglect our feet that do oh-so-much for us each day.  Talk about ungrateful!
Since living in Denmark, I have had to invest more in my sock drawer with a thicker, warmer variety.  It meant that I got to be a little more experimental with my wardrobe, often wearing them with boots and showing them off more by pulling them up over my trousers or wearing a sheer variety with fancier shoes.   And don’t stop with what you wear outside, I’m all about the socks that one wears indoors.  I mean, have you tried cashmere socks?  They are my bed socks during winter.  Keeping me toasty all night long without the sweaty situation.  

Have you noticed that anyone wearing eye-catching socks always gets a second look?  We are simply used to getting them blended in as much as possible.

But why?  I say we give our feet the treatment they deserve and show them off more.  Those ankles need some wanted attention, I think its high time we gave it to them and make sure we secure the second glance.



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