“I’m saving it for a special occasion” - how many times have we heard ourselves saying this?
The irony of saving our treasured items for those so-called special occasions are, unfortunately, usually few and far between.   
The idea behind The Favoured was to bring together thoughtfully selected brands and curated pieces in one place, with the mission to make every day that bit more special.  
These are not grandiose or opulent in scale - in fact, they are embedded in our everyday rituals and (un)knowingly elicit a warm & fuzzy feeling or attachment to them.  
You know the ones:  that perfect cup of coffee in your favourite mug; taking a relaxing bath with the aroma of bath salts lingering and gradually sending you into a state of zen;  the sight of fresh flowers in the antique vase you found at a flea market; your favourite pair of socks that no-one can see and yet feel so good to have on; the fancy candle softly lighting and cosying up the room on those chilly evenings; the silk camisole that has weathered many a wonderful nights out over the years and looks just as good now as it did back then.  The very ‘things’ that create new, and evoke old memories when you use them.  
The selection and brands represented in this store embody the shared values around: quality, craftsmanship, aesthetics, practicality, and care for our environment.  My hope is you will find something a little different, beautiful, timeless and lasting, and most importantly, ignite the spark of joy when you use them.
The perfect combination to make them the favoured ones.