Gift Guide

You don't always need a special occasion to show someone you're thinking about them.  It's the unexpectedness that gives the element of surprise.   
We often treat gift-giving as "going through the motions", but for someone you truly care for, it can be the gift of a delightful experience, taking it a little further than ordinary.  It is the thought that shows you know them and their personality, so that they cherish and savour the moment when they use it (which hopefully will be often because they love it!).  And naturally, remember the person who gifted them with it.
Need some help finding the right gift?  Below are a few themes to get you on the path to delighting someone (or yourself).



Send your globetrotting loved one off in good stead with travel-friendly pieces that will last them throughout, in between and beyond their journeys to come.
Traveller - Gift Guide

keep it up

Fitness Fan

Practical and durable is what this type need. It's all about pre, during and post-workout that creates a heightened experience. You never need to compromise on quality for functionality here.
Fitness Fan - Gift Guide

give some pop

Lively One

Colour? Patterns? Textures? YES! In fact, the brighter the better. Try not to blend or match, these folk need more whimsical and playful pieces. Give something with more "pop" to inject even more fun and happy vibes into their every day.
Lively One - Gift Guide

exhilarate in the pause

Tea Lover

For one who loves a great cuppa, there is nothing more joyous than the flavour of clean, quality tea. And let's face it, the vessel you choose to drink from matters!
Tea Lover - Gift Guide

retreat & rejuvenate


"I will emerge after winter's over" says the Hibernator. This one retreats, rests and restores self to renew for the next season. Pamper them with pieces that will get them through the colder months.
Hibernator - Gift Guide

reflect and learn


There are types that tend to reflect, think and ponder and require outlets to do so.
Writing a journal or engaging in solid conversations with a few good friends over candlelit nibbles can help set the scene for these folk perfectly.
Thinker - Gift Guide

Don't forget the card...