Shower My Hair With Love

Shower My Hair With Love

I've always been a bit skeptical when it comes to new hair fads and that's not because I shun them from the get go.  Quite the opposite actually.  Over the last couple of decades, lord only knows I have tried a few different things to tame my unruly mane, but usually ended up going back to the classic: two shampoo washes and a conditioner.
I remember my sister introduced me to the no-poo hype a few years back, where you don't wash your hair for as long as possible.  I lasted 12 days and I cannot begin to tell you how much will power it took for me to not only scratch my scalp raw, but also not walk around with my roots resembling that of an oil rig.  
I'm prone to a dry scalp and the other hype I was sucked into was the apple cider vinegar scalp solution.  I was convinced that was going to end my scalp dilemma once and for all.  I loved that it was an all natural remedy I could DIY at home, but after a few attempts, I decided it was time to stop putting condiments in the bathroom cabinet and smelling like a garden salad (much to my husband's relief!).
There's an endless list of products and remedies about what makes for great hair and a healthy scalp.  It is also very individual.  My hair ailment could be the same as someone else's, but the treatment is likely to be different.  We also know by now much of that is also what goes into your body and the nutrients are the secret to beautiful healthy hair.  So yeah, all that stuff you read about makes a ton of sense.  

Saying that, the experience of taking a nice hot shower with some lovely natural products is really important for me.  That few minutes for myself needs to feel like a treat and set my mood for the day or evening.

Sure, there are also days that I need more time, what with exfoliating, shaving, using a face or hair mask but we are talking the minimum here. 
That lead me to search for something that is natural, easy to use, minimal yet elegantly packaged, as well as smelling good.  Having thicker hair, also means I need something nourishing but also not feeling like it is weighed down by use of products.
The newer "hype" about solid shampoos got me intrigued.  Plus, I needed something that was going to be gentle enough to use on my scalp to avoid any irritation.  After reading a bunch of rave reviews about Les Panacées solid soaps, I decided to give it a go.  Their founders describe the essence of their brand from back in the days when they were little girls taking a bath at their grandmas over the summer holidays, using lightly fragrant soap where the soft smell lingered.  They took that, put a modern twist and in their words:

"To take the best of yesterday and bring it to today's taste, while thinking about tomorrow."

Et voila!  A nourishing, vegan and (travel-friendly!) solid soap encompassing elements was created.  I can proudly say I've now tweaked my hair care routine that incorporates the solid shampoo and my scalp is much happier for it.
Below are a few of my favoured products to make that shower experience all the more special… 
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