Cosy candles and herbal tea

(Em)brace the cold

When the temperatures start to drop and the days get shorter, my nesting instincts kick into overdrive, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.  After speaking with some friends recently, the sentiment has been the same.   In fact, I’m willing to bet that most popular Google searches around autumn time include: “cosy blankets”  “candles” “cashmere jumpers” and “bed socks”.   On one hand it is the trepidation of the long winter ahead, and yet the mood of the festive season to come.
My own hit list doesn’t deviate from the Google searches I mentioned, so here’s a round-up of my top picks for the cooler months ahead:
Cashmere socks - I can’t get enough of them and nothing screams “cosy time” than the warmth of cashmere on your tootsies.  Find a toasty range of wool blends and pure cashmere socks here.
Lip balm - I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I have a lip balm in almost every room of our place and in my handbags.  I can't stand the feeling of chapped or dry lips, so having a stash on hand is important for me.  I'm a fan of Hurraw lip balm range, and the French made Baoibay vegan lip balm goes on like soft butter (as a plus, it smells and tastes absolutely delicious!).
Tea - ok, I’m a Melbourne girl at heart and coffee is my first love, buuuut, there are so many cups one can consume in a day without feeling the jitters.  When I am feeling a bit off, the comfort and wholesome goodness of herbal tea gives a nice clean feeling.  Tea is full of antioxidants; and the benefits depending on your herb of choice are countless. With the coming cold and flu season, it’s a great way to boost your immunity and ward off the nasties!  Check out the herbal tea collection by L'infuseur and Asmi Ayurveda.
Candles -  I live in Denmark - I bet you couldn’t use the word HYGGE without visualising a pretty lit candle in there somewhere?!  I rest my case.  The ones with a slower burning time are a preference and you can find them here.
Hot water bottles - I know electric blankets are all the rage, but i'm old- skool.   When my back and shoulders are a little tender, nothing melts the stiffness away like a hot water bottle does.  There is something organic about hot water doing so much good for us, than merely a hot shower.  It’s a kind of physical therapy.  Plus, I love to cuddle my bottle for extra comfort.  Check out the gorgeous velvet bottle and cover by Holistic Silk. 
Hand creams - If you are living in the colder parts of the world, then you are no stranger to dry hands.  The Balmy range of hand creams are your little life saver - incredibly nourishing and these little miracle jars goes a long way.  I keep a jar on my desk and top up as I need to throughout the day.  For days out where my knuckles start to crack, I prevent them by rubbing some coconut oil so they stay baby soft.  You can use the coconut oil anytime and anywhere.  One of those things you always have in your bag for lips, face, and body.
Hot baths - I don’t take hot baths anywhere nearly as much as I would like to, but when I do, it’s often after a run on a cold day.  Sinking into a hot tub, feeling of the tension disappearing from my body is heavenly.  And get your aromatherapy fix at the same time from beautiful bath salts.  Throw in a glass of red wine, soft music and some candles - ahhh bliss!
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