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Meet Margaux

Meet Margaux, the founder of the beloved clean coconut skincare brand, BAIOBAY.

"I dreamed of committed brands: vegan, cruelty-free and that would do their part to respect the environment like BAIOBAY does by planting trees for each product sold."

1. Morning Must-dos 
Every morning, I start my day with a glass of fresh lemon water.   Then, I spend a few moments meditating or practicing mindfulness to center myself.  I also make sure to go through my schedule for the day, setting clear intentions and priorities.   Last but not least, I always do a thorough all-natural skin care routine before putting on any makeup.   Skin first, always!  
2. What inspires you these days?
I’m deeply inspired by the growing awareness and shift towards sustainable living.   Seeing more people and businesses prioritize the environment gives me hope and drives me to push Baiobay to innovate further in eco-friendly beauty solutions. I’m also inspired by the incredible feedback from our community – their stories and experiences with our products motivate me every day. 
3. Name two of your most precious belongings 
One of my most precious belongings is a handwritten journal where I jot down ideas, inspirations, and reflections.    Another cherished item is a ring passed down from my grandmother.   It’s a reminder of my roots and the strong women in my family who inspire me. 
 4. When do you feel happiest?
When the skies turn blue and the sun starts to shine. I was born and raised in Paris but I’m a beach girl at heart. 
 5. Your perfect Friday night is…
I love hosting vegan dinners for my friends; a cozy dinner at home in lovely company would be my perfect Friday night in. 
 6. Daily unwinding ritual
I love working out on a daily basis; running, boxing, hot yoga, pilates… anything that gets my body moving, really.   I also try to take a few minutes to stretch before going to bed every night. 
 7. What is always in your carry-on when travelling?
A reusable water bottle, BAIOBAY’s Hydrating Gel Cream and Lip Balm - my forever favorites to treat my dry skin and, an extra sweater since I always get cold. 
 8. Favourite time of year & why?
The summer, I live for the summers.   Ever since I was a little kid, it’s always been my favorite time of the year. 
 9. Fave holiday destination
The south of Corsica, I go there every summer and it truly is my happy place.
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