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Shunshou Sun Oval Plate - Small

Shunshou Sun Oval Plate - Small

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The "Shunshou" oval deep plate is inspired by a Japanese spring evening, with a lovely design of detailed flower petals expressed in fine grooves.  Thanks to the radiating floral streaks visible through the white pottery containing powdery iron and granules of various sizes, your attention will be naturally drawn to the food arranged in the center.   
Perfect for side or small dishes, or a cookie /sweets bowl with your cuppa.  A charming decorative piece for bits and bobs too! 
Measurement:  W137mm/ 112mm/ H38mm  


Material:  Pottery clay.  
Please refer to Material information & care here to ensure longevity of your piece.    
Microwave & Dishwasher safe.
Please note: Individual differences in colour may occur due to the degree of firing and nature of the glaze properties. The effect of these irregularities and baked nuances varies from item to item.
All the pieces are handmade, so the shape, size and colour of each product are slightly different. In addition, small black spots, pinholes or similar cracks in the product itself are normal. This is a characteristic of pottery, not a defective product.
Made in Japan
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